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History of Company
2001 Established the YECEN company
2002 Got Certificate of Science andTechnology Management
2003 Got ISO9001 certificate
2003 Passed the qualification test of Bureauof Quality and Technical Supervision
2003 Got project Certificate of High and New TechnologyAchievement Transformation
2003 XIAO SHEN TONGwheel aligner gain National Copyright Administration copyright protection
2003 Got Shanghai softenterprise 
2003 Became Member of China Auto Maintenance Equipment Trade Association
2004 BecameAdministrative Director of ShanghaiBusiness Association Hardware Chamber
2004 Obtained Shanghai city star softwareenterprise
2004 Obtained the excellent product title of Shanghai city software
2004 Became the appointment supplier of HONDA
2004 Became the appointment supplier ofNISSAN
2004 Became partners with SAIC GROUP in Autoindustry training project
2004 Became the appointment supplier of TOYOTA
2005 Became the appointment supplier of CHERY
2005 Became the member of China AutomobileMaintenance Guild
2005 BecameAdministrative Director of China AutoMaintenance Equipment Trade Association
2005 Blue-tooth 2.0 four wheel aligner gained country printing plate
2005 Blue-tooth 2.0 four wheel aligner gained National CopyrightAdministration copyright protection
2005 Got BAI JIA ProjectCertificate of High and New Technology 2005Achievement Transformation
2005 Got the fund support of Shanghai High and New Technology achievement conversion torchlight project
2005 Got the thirdprize of Shanghaicity economic growth compares
2005 Cooperated withSpain TEKBER Company successfully
2006 Cooperated with Auto bus academy of Shanghai University
2006 Undertook second China Auto after-marketfortune forum successfully   2006 Becamethe appointment supplier of TRIANGLE TYRE
2006 Became the appointment supplier of HANKOOK TYRE
2006 Passed the certificate of CE(TUV)
2006 Engaged Chinesefamous performance artist Mr. Yan Shun Kai as image ambassadors
2006 Obtained thethird prize of Shanghai JiaDing IndustrialPark new idea in science and technology
2006 Assessed theexcellent award of TOYOTAagent that supply maintenance equipment and tools
2006 Obtained top-ten excellent enterprise
2006 Obtained the third prize of Shanghai blue sky economycities rewards
2007 YECEN 6th National agent theannual peak meeting held in Beijing
2007 Became vice president member of ShanghaiBusiness Association Hardware Chamber
2007 Became Administrative Director of China Auto Maintenance Equipment Trade Association
2007 Became the Administrative Director ofChina Automobile Maintenance Guild
2007 Cooperated with HUNTER to manufacture 3DDynamic wheel aligner
2007 Became the appointment supplier of JAC
2007 Became the appointment supplier of FAW-REDFLAG
2007 Obtained top 20 best auto repair tool ofChina Auto repair and Maintenance
2007 Became the appointment supplier of KumhoTIRE
2008 Take part in Automechanika 2008 in Shanghai.
2008 Became the supplier of RT-Mart.
2008 Assessed as the little giantenterprise in Jiading district.
2008 Assessed as Shanghaipatent engineering nurturing business.
2008 YCRF-588CX assessed as the top ten excellent testing equipment.
2008 Assessed as top ten gold service enterprises by HC 360.
2008 Assessed as technological innovation enterprise by Chinese Automaintenance industry.
2008 YCRF-588LH assessed as technological innovation product by ChineseAuto maintenance industry.
2009 YECEN held the 8th national agent the annual meeting in Beijing.
2009 Take part in AUTO MAINTENANCE&REPAIR 2009 in Beijing
2009 YECEN signed agent cooperation with Italian CEMB
2009 Products passed by Italian IG CE international quality system.
2009 Products passed by ISO9001-2008 quality system.
2010 New factory had been finished and moved there(production area is 17000m2)
2010 Assessed as Shanghaipatent pilot enterprise.
2010 Self-developed3D products officially put into operation listed
2010 Assessed as China Auto Maintenance Industry Association and vice president of the unit.
2010 Started love and mutual funds.
2011 Successfully held the relief of disabled orphanscharity dinner.
2011 YECEN vendor held the 9th national annualsummit in Shanghai. 
2011 Recognized by HC 360 as top ten national enterprisesin 2010.
2011 Recognized as top 20 excellent maintenance tool by AUTO REPAIR&MAINTENANCE.

2011 Number of current staff is 160.
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