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Spirit and culture of company
Our vision:to become a world-class auto maintenance equipment manufacturer, to become a world-class auto maintenance service brand
Our mission:to help employees, subscriber growth to achieve the dream of the staff, users, enterprises. For the motherland prosperous and strong, harmonious development of mankind and work hard
Our culture:love, thanksgiving,and responsibility
Our purpose:to help users grow,to create value for customers
Our family concept:Our business is my own business
Our spiritual concept:caltte plus wolf plus Long
Our customer concept:the user is Our god, and it’s the only reason for Our existance
Our management:army plus family
Our team:no excuses, mission ranks first
Our slogan:work together to succeed
Our service concept:work diligently to make others be moved
Our style: sincerity, carefulness, progmatic and efficiency
Our marketing:to occuy a big service and market with belief and love
Our organization concept:to be proud with company's strength, and to be ashmed with company’s decline
Our concept:Steady growth for continuing operations
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